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Malibu, tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, is perhaps one of Southern California's most popular tourist destinations, and it maintains its reputation as a hotspot for the best food and entertainment.

There's no "Welcome to Malibu" sign or anything Important signs that you are on the 21-mile stretch of PCH that runs through the beach community, but there are signs along this road, and the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is open at the perfect time of day. The restaurant serves burgers, sandwiches and fried seafood classics for residents of Malimi and L.A. who want to take the long drive down the P CH. Malibu Seafood also features a sign on the side of the road that says a giant red lobster is waving.

The Malibu Farm outpost, where fresh local ingredients are always on the menu, is something like a fish stall or taco stand. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, tacos, burgers and more, as well as a wide selection of drinks and snacks. Just blocks from the beach and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Malimi's Country Mart is a townie institution, while the Malibu Seafood and Reel Inn are hit - or miss. Although the menus are not huge, you can find something (or many things) to like and enjoy, and it is right next to the main shopping center of the city.

Malibu Farm offers some of the most insta-worthy food, including watermelon cocktails served in preserves jars, grilled chocolate cake, and the absolute best you can get is their brunch option. Our favourite little bistro is bbebe, which we consider the best in Malimi's and which is freshly prepared in the restaurant by the famous ice cream parlour.

Located on Malibu Pier, this restaurant offers guests a front row view of the picturesque ocean. Choose from a fully equipped bar or one of the many options for dinner and drinks. At the other end of this pier you have access to the beach, the sea and of course the best view of the world of beach gastronomy.

The top ten restaurants in Malibu offer an unforgettable experience in an exquisite oceanfront setting. Order the food and beverages you desire at your favorite Malibu restaurant at one of the top restaurants on this list. This list helps you navigate the culinary experience of picturesque Malimi and live comfortably without amassing celebrity - in the end, it's bills in the size of a bill.

We have many restaurants to choose from, including Chipotle Mexican Grill and Marmalade Cafe, but what about the other restaurants in Malibu?

Paradise Cove is a restaurant that is good for a group because the octopus starter is fried octopus in oversized martini glasses and the paella (lobster and clams) is served for four people. Fish Grill offers some of the best fish dishes in Malibu, with heart-warming dishes like crab cake, prawn and crab salad or lobster salad.

Located on the jetty in beautiful and iconic Malibu, this restaurant offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and a good selection of seafood. You don't get much better than crab cake, prawns and crab salad or prawns and lobster salad.

The entire front of the Sunset Restaurant opens onto Zuma Beach, so no matter where you sit in the restaurant, sun and surf as far as the eye can see. The view from Malibu Pier to Carbon Beach is breathtaking and the waitress staff is so good that you'll forget what you spent your money on.

Here are some of the best and best in Malibu, and if you have little time in this beautiful city, these are must-have meals - give it a go. We had a great time on the beach, enjoying tempting treats like a hot dog, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings and even a burger.

Malibu Pier is not one of the longest piers in California, but it is in a good location. This place is located directly across from County Line Beach in Malibu and is called Neptune's Net.

Founded in 1956 by Eastman Jacobs, Neptune's Net allows locals and visitors to experience the real California in beautiful Malibu. It is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner with a good view of the Pacific Ocean. The Cove Beach Cafe may have opened more than 20 years ago, but the spot has a lot of Hollywood history in its previous run. This landmark has been shown in countless television and film productions.

Now in Malibu, there is a place where you can enjoy authentic Mexican and Cuban dishes in a beach setting. The perfect place for tropical flair and beach atmosphere, but don't forget the quality of food and service. Duke's is and remains one of the best places to get a quick lunch or dinner with a good view of a beautiful beach and the Pacific Ocean.

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